Majesty in Motherhood: Week Three

We had plans on Thursday.

The rain had let up, and the energy emanating from my two outside kids began bursting through the cracks and crevices of the apartment. We had to go outside.


So, despite waking up at 4am with twins who were disinterested in my pleas for more rest, Thaddeus' wake up 45 minutes later, and everyone's official awakening at 6am, we made plans to do just that.


"What do you want to do today?" I ask Thaddeus as soon as his brother has left for school, and he looks at me all curious kitten like, and he says "I just don't know yet, Mom." so I suggest we get dressed and ready for adventure, and then make some decisions. He agrees with this, asks to watch Special Agent Oso on Netflix, I oblige and begin to get us all ready for the day.


 He comes in to jump on my freshly made bed with his tiny brother and sister, and we make a solid plan for the playground.

But when I call him in to get dressed, he just puts his shirt on. And that's it. I ask him repeatedly to put his pants on, but he is obstinate. Without thinking, I tell him "You have to put pants on before we can go outside." and so he grabs a pair of pajama pants and puts those on. 


"Mom, I don't feel like going to the park today. I want to stay inside in my pajamas and eat a lollipop." he tells me as he's pulling his pajama pants on. "Well maybe I want to jump on your bed a little more..." 

As they are jumping, I'm noticing that the babies are rubbing their eyes, their laughter is delirious and their exhaustion is palpable. Had we left when we'd planned, it would have been perfectly timed, and, thinking of a quiet Starbucks date with Thaddeus, say to myself: "I can get these guys in snowsuits and out the door before they fall asleep..." but wave the challenge away, because I am not willing to take on Thad's Fight Against Real Pants. 


I give the babies their bottles, and finish getting myself together. One of my highlighters has come out of its package, and exploded all over the basket, so I take a couple of minutes to clean the mess, and the babies drift off to sleep. 


I take a picture of them, upload it to Instagram, and put on some highlighter, eyeliner and lipstick since I had the time and had them all out anyway.

 I honestly don't know if I usually make my highlighter streaks that long, but I do know that I was overzealous because it's   Gilded   which, yes, is an eyeshadow, but I it's one of my top faaaaavorites.

I honestly don't know if I usually make my highlighter streaks that long, but I do know that I was overzealous because it's Gilded which, yes, is an eyeshadow, but I it's one of my top faaaaavorites.


Babies asleep, I bolster their surrounding area with pillows and stuffed animals, and rejoin Thaddeus in the living room. We tidy it up together quickly and talk about what we want to do now that we're home for the day. He wants a movie day, with popcorn and a blanket fort, but given my exhaustion that's an even bigger challenge than getting him into his jeans, so I ask him if we can still have popcorn, but color instead, which suffices for him. 


And we really loved it, but eventually Thaddeus sighed a weary sigh, and noted "This is like when you make me practice my letters, Mom." and after that he abandoned his book, sat on me, and watched Oso.


{So, I've decided to try to do MIM a little differently, if I photograph most of the day, there will be a lot of the same stuff, so I'm picking days and a handful of hours within that day instead. This also means I have less pictures to pick through, because the first two weeks alone left me with well over 100 pictures, whereas this one gave me 30something. It also allows me to tell more of a story about our moment, instead of just captioning the photos. I'll try it out and see how it goes!

I am trying not to do a ton of pre-planning, but I need to have some idea of when I'm going to shoot so I can make sure my cards are empty and battery is charged, but otherwise, our day is just our day.}