Majesty in Motherhood: Week Two

This week I'd picked my picture day to be Wednesday, but Antonio decided to work from home that day. I still snapped some pictures thinking it couldn't be too big a difference, and I'm glad I did because it ended up being the day that Severus lost his first tooth - but it's not an entirely accurate depiction because it was a big difference - another set of hands and eyes, meant impromptu mom nap, and another set of hands and eyes, which certainly changed things a bit more than I realized. 

 One wobbly tooth gone, the next isn't far behind!

One wobbly tooth gone, the next isn't far behind!


So I sporadically photographed our Thursday as well. 


Planning our day together, with some interruption. 


I'd gotten a health cut the day before, and had to brush out my curls entirely so the stylist could even my hair out. I woke up with my hair sticking in all directions and getting caught in my eyes so I plastered it down with some water and curl defining stuff. 


Time to get the muffins dressed. After homeschooling and chores we have to go to the store.


They ended up taking an early, unscheduled nap while I unloaded the dishwasher. Thaddeus threw an enormous tantrum while we tried to homeschool, so I didn't press him. He decided he wanted to play with the small Lego in his room.


It was raining while we walked to the store so I left my camera home. We picked up just a few things, but one of us is at the store every other day replenishing our almond milk supply.


I told Thaddeus he could watch something on Netflix, and he had to climb up on my back to get a higher look at the offerings. This displeased Santino, and confused Elena.


Exhausted Scrub Daddy: Still sexier than Blake Shelton.


Checking my to do list. Again. 


Some Fridays Severus' classroom offers a store, where the currency they earned during their weeks may be redeemed. Severus brought these home for me. Later that evening he took his $5 from the tooth fairy and bought Target dollar spot items for himself and his brother. I really appreciate how thoughtful he is. 


Dinner on the stove ends our photo exhibition. <3