Get in the picture

I've been trying to challenge myself to take more pictures with the children. Not just selfies, but breaking out the tripod and catching us in our minutiae. 

And I have outrageously failed. 

With the exception of one evening earlier this month. I had been dragging around my camera and tripod to no avail, when I got this. The most technically imperfect, unfocused, disaster of a photo -- that splendidly captured our moment.

Mommy and her twins

I'm in the hallway supervising Thaddeus' bath, Antonio was the last to catch whatever mystery summer illness we all caught, and had gone to bed early, so I had to wrangle children and do bath time on my own. Elena and Santino were melting down into the carpet fibers, because they couldn't join Thaddeus in the bath, so I'm trying my damndest to distract them and grab their bottles off of the dining room table. As I walk past the camera I click the shutter button, initiating the self timer and hoped I got something decent.

When I uploaded all of the photos, this one stood out to me more than the others did. My disappointment nagged, this could have been perfect if I'd just taken a few seconds to change the focal point. But then I stopped complaining, and really took in the picture:

I'm exhausted, I'm overwhelmed and I'm outmatched here, I can see it, I can feel it. But both of my babies are leaning on me, Elena is looking at me, and I'm checking on Santino who has just hiccoughed but refused to let go of his bottle. It's still tender and loving, despite being a difficult period. 

I don't take pictures for technical perfection {have you seen my pictures?} I take them for this precisely. To remember these fleeting times, and my presence in these photos is long overdue. 

Expect to see more of it - and I challenge you to do the same.