Live From Washington

I've been avoiding owning two blogs since the last time I owned two blogs - but, a move from Tumblr was necessary, I know the Internet isn't safe, but there was just something incredibly off putting about seeing photos of my tiny sugars reblogged by people who didn't follow me, and then sandwiched in between pornography gifs. Between that and the influx of empty bot blogs, it was time to move my pictures and personal stuff somewhere else. 

And so here we are.

New blogging space, new state, same me!

Actually, can I even say that? I got my nails done for the first time in like 15 years and my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever the other day, and I feel brand new. :heart eyes:

Things have been settling well.

Antonio started work and is enjoying the atmosphere tremendously, Severus starts school next week, as this one is spring break. We're infatuated with our new area - there's a little shopping center in walking distance, the amazing YMCA is close to a library, which is just a short bus ride away {though we could probably walk that too}, Severus' school is almost literally around the corner. 

The apartment itself is cozy, and I'm grateful for the smaller space. I can always keep up with it, I can always hear the children even if I can't see them, we have two full bathrooms, it's bright and open and the best part is - it's home for the year, at least, and not for the next couple of months like we would have experienced going into corporate housing. The complex itself is spacious and incredibly family friendly. 

Little by little our worldly material goods have been trickling in, the rest of the housewares and life stuff should arrive on Saturday and I look forward to my birthday on Sunday being busy with making this place home. 

Beyond our neighborhood, there is so much to see and do. We've done more in the last week of us being here than we'd done in the last year in New York. The summer fun list is filling up quickly.

Everyone is adjusting well too, we're finally starting to shake off New York time. We're checking in regularly with kid emotions to make sure everyone is doing well, and aside from missing their siblings, which already wasn't unusual, they're doing great. The Twinkles are growing too fast, Santino is trying to stand without assistance, they're both constantly yammering, and Santino has three teeth already. 

I'll post some pictures from our trip and recent days in the gallery below. See if it works!