I’m Monique, matriarch of the most incredible blended family that includes eight children. Yep; eight children. Aged 13 years old to infant twins, they are Samara {13}, Caesar {10}, Mercutio {8}, Severus {6}, Giovanni {4}, Thaddeus {3}, Elena and Santino {10 months}. They may not all be with us all the time in person, but that doesn't make parenting them any easier. Raising a blended family has not been easy, especially when you factor in long distance coparenting; and while we’re mostly winging it, we take it day by day, and do the best we can to support our children wholly. 

I am a stay at home mom, and my partner, Antonio, works outside of the home. One time I greeted him at the door with a terrifying mint green Lush mask covering my face and asked him if he sometimes wonders why he ever came home. He said no, he never does, so I guess he’s relegated himself to the fact that this is just his life now. We've known each other since 2008, after meeting online - I ignored his messages until he called me "cute, like a puppy", and then I told him off, he somehow charmed me, and the cycle continues today. It's some strange magic. 

Home is in Washington state since April 2017, where we homeschool our youngest ones, and send our older ones to public school at their behest. I cloth diaper, babywear, the babies are dual fed {I've been breastfeeding for over six years straight}. Not long ago, I thought most of that made me "crunchy" and special, but as I learn more about being inclusive I realize it just made me pretentious, which led to excluding and putting people off. I'm happy to drop the label, I'm better without it. Our family dances wacky dances in the living room, we hang kid art on the walls, conduct experiments in the kitchen, read bedtime stories, take pictures, explore, and occasionally travel. As humans, we have our bad days too. We fail frequently, and sometimes instead of picking ourselves up immediately, we wallow in a puddle of tears on the floor for a little while. If you're looking for stylized, know it all perfection, this is probably not the blog for you. Otherwise, we hope you'll stick around!


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